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"I took lessons with a YN teacher straight after coming to Japan. My reading comprehension improved. When I started working at a Japanese company, the teacher gave me lessons on industry-specific terms and expressions using a web site.
I can now read and write Japanese to a level that allows me to read industry magazines and communicate with suppliers. I have been fortunate enough to work at the same company for nine years now. I credit my three years of studying Japanese with my teacher as the biggest reason for this."

( LT, worker at Japanese manufacturer)

"I have been able to intensively study the required Japanese. "

(KS, focused on Kanji study to gain entry to high school)

"We don't just use a text book. I can learn the areas of Japanese I want, in the way I want, in Japanese. "

(MP, an adventurous student who asked for assistance in areas such as writing a letter to his Yoga teacher, and being accompanied to the supermarket to have the labels read and explained to him)

"I like the fact that I can get lessons at my company, and that YN responds immediately to requests to increase the frequency of lessons or extend lesson times."

(BL, finance industry worker)

"My teacher at YN is proficient in English and is able to clearly explain language areas, such as Japanese grammar, in a short time. I am enjoying my Japanese studies much more than before."

(KS, a finance industry worker who completed the basic text book while busy with work)

"My teacher at YN forces me to speak Japanese. Then, she will correct my mistakes or phraseology. It's essential to have a good teacher and learn in a one-to-one environment if you want to learn how to speak properly and fluently."

(GH, embassy worker)

"The YN teacher listened to my Japanese presentation and gave feedback. My Japanese friends always just say, "Your Japanese is very good". The fact that I was able to have the presentation closely checked was very helpful."

(BP, IT industry worker)

"I was told off for sitting with legs crossed on the train. I learned that this was regarded as bad manners in Japan. This prompted me to get lessons on Japanese manners and customs. I'm glad that I learned about various areas, such as how to use chopsticks (and what not to do with them), when out at a dinner with my Japanese bosses."

(RT, securities company worker)

"I'm studying how to use honorific language and write a business letter. I'm happy that I can learn from a teacher with real business experience. We use actual emails as the foundation for lessons."

(AK, a worker at a cosmetics company who graduated from an international school. He has no problems with daily conversation.)


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